Whether you are still planning to own a cat or you already have one with you, it will be very helpful if you understand how your cat behaves. You may opt to consider the gender or the breed of your cat; but there’s another fun and effective way to do so and that is no other than but through cat horoscope. Without so many introductions, the details below will provide you relevant information about your cat horoscope. Just make sure that you know your cat’s birth date so you know which among the following zodiac signs your pet belong.

Cat Horoscope

Aries cats (March 21 – April 18) are very energetic and always willing to play with their owners. They love attention and they are never shy. They are short tempered and easily embarrassed. They are often disobedient but you can treat this behavior by rewarding your cat a reward each time he follows you.

Taurus cats (April 21 – May 20) are the opposite of Aries cats. They are very passive and most of the time in silence. They are shy and cautious when meeting new people. They also prefer sleeping than playing and they love to eat a lot which is definitely not a healthy lifestyle. Be watchful of overfeeding your pet cat.

Gemini cats (May 21 – June 20) like to play a lot. They are also one of those which can be easily trained and they learn very fast. Gemini cats are often curious about their surroundings so never leave your door open. They are very friendly with their fellow animals and with other people. Keep in mind that they hate being alone.

Cancer cats (June 21 – July 21) are the sensitive type and easily upset. They don’t like too much noise and easily irritated by other animals. They are very possessive not just with their food and toys but also with your attention.

Leo cats (July 22 – August 21) are born to become leaders. You can observe their leadership characteristics once they are with other cats. Leo cats are the most preferable pet cat for children as they are very friendly and hurting fellows is absolutely not their nature.

Virgo cats (August 22 – September 21) are great companions. They have the best ability to sense when you’re sad or sick and they are always willing to comfort you. They are shy and prefer to just play with you or all alone by themselves. They are quite choosy when it comes to their food so stick with your pet’s favorite.

Libra cats (September 21 – October 21) love not just their owner’s affection but almost all other of your companions in the house. In return, Libra cats equally divide their attention to other people they recognize as part of your family. Libra cats are not picky eaters so you will never have a hard time feeding these type of cats.

Scorpio cats (October 21 – November 21) are very loyal. They can be very kind to you if you treat them right, but they can be very protective of themselves once you mistreated them. Other animals find Scorpio cats as extremely intimidating, so most other animals don’t like the idea of befriending with these cats.

Sagittarius cats (November 21 – December 21) are being admired by their fellow for they are very fun to befriend with. They are very loving with their owners too and they always love to express their affection. They tend to be forgetful with their habits which make them quite difficult to train.

Capricorn cats (December 22 – January 1) have endless endurance. You can still see them playing even at their old age and they tend to feel like they are forever young. They can also be one of the best playmates for children. These cats are very loyal not just with you but with other people they recognize.

Aquarius cats (January 22 – February 19) are extremely intelligent. They are very gentle and loving too. When training them, it’s very essential to keep them in a good mood as they can be easily upset if they are pushed to make such thing and tend to never obey you at all.

Pisces cats (February 19 – March 21) are the most peaceful of all. They hate quarrels, so they always refrain from fighting. They are the type of cats which are not that adventurous and curious about their surroundings, so they can be a perfect pet if you live in a small space. Avoid being angry as Pisces cats can feel it.

Hopefully, you had fun reading your cat’s behaviors according to this cat horoscope guide. Meanwhile, you should also keep in your mind all the things that you should and shouldn’t do with your pet cat.

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