Linda Goodcat (Luba Matusovsky), a noted author / journalist / artist / art collector / inventor and not least – pet lover; wrote “Your Dog’s Lifetime Horoscope” and “Your Cat’s Lifetime Horoscope” because she wanted an entertaining and informative way to help pet lovers better understand their pets and the role they play in each other’s life.

“My hope is to brighten the reader’s day, while helping them to better understand and communicate with their furry friends,” explains Linda. “This is the perfect gift for all pet and astrology lovers.”

A native of Moscow, Linda came to America from Russia to fulfill a promise to her father, she now lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Edward. Other members of her family live in California. She has many friends around the world, loves to travel, and is a wonderful gourmet cook.

Linda Goodcat has a degree in economics, has worked as project coordinator at different international exhibitions and as a journalist for newspapers and magazines. She continues to pursue her interests in inventions (has a US patent for a household device), astrology, history, classical and jazz music.