Often, humans wonder why their pet’s behavior is not the same as another’s, even if they’re both of the same species and breeds, or why a kitten is quirky when another one is not. Such mysteries can be solved by their birth date and the use of Astrology. Astrology, often thought to be exclusively for humans, can also be applied to pets and can be one of the reasons for their behavior.

Cat Images

Knowing your pet’s Astrology sign will invariably help you progress in understanding their behavior and what makes them tick, allowing you to easily raise them and care for them.

This could also be a good guide for pet owners who want to know how their pets’ personality will develop and what to expect from newly acquired pets based on their sign.

Two of the most popular books for Pet Astrology, Your Dog’s Lifetime Horoscope and Your Cat’s Liftime Horoscope, both authored by Linda Goodcat, provides an entertaining yet informative insights on the behavioral patterns your pets will most likely have depending on their sign, all delivered in a light-hearted and humurous way, which just keeps you hooked and at the same time informed.

The books have dog and cat images for each of their zodiac sign, illustrated cheerfully and in vivid colors. Not only that, the books also have 12 Astrological Birth Certificates according to their Zodiac Sign, calculated tables to make the choice of their names easier and the best time to take them out for walks.

As a pet owner, knowing this facet of their behavior will be instrumental in getting to know and understand them better. If you wish to know about their Zodiac Sign and their corresponding behaviors, a lot of information is spread all throughout the web and other media like the books stated above.

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