Cat & Dog Birth Certificates

March 1, 2013

Cat & Dog Birth Certificates

Cat & Dog Birth Certificates

Cat & Dog Birth Certificates

Dog Horoscope

January 18, 2013

A dog is unquestionably a man’s best friend. You can find any other creature that will love you like a dog. With that said, you should at least spare some time to know how its upcoming days will be, what it could be possibly asking of you and simply just getting to know the true personality of your dog. Even though dogs are generally an imprint of loyalty, they are all unique one way or the other.

Just like humans, cats and dogs have zodiac signs, too, and these are usually among the basis of which their predictions come out of. So if you want a cat horoscope and dog horoscope for your pets at home; that would definitely be a brilliant brainchild.

Cat Horoscope

January 18, 2013

Cats, as many would say, are animals with nine lives to live. The question is, will you ever really know whenever your cat takes one of its lives away? Have you had a cat before that died and you’re not really certain if it did really have nine lives at all? While cats spend three quarters of their days sleeping and self-cleaning, the remainder is actually left for play, where they tend to be very adventurous, spontaneous and, of course unknowingly risky. Yes, their poor judgment skills usually lead them towards mishaps. For instance, cats will cross roads carelessly, which sometimes lead to their deaths. A horoscope service can help you bring your cat away from danger. Not only that, it will also help you understand your cat more in terms of the attention and care it needs from you as the owner.

Cat Horoscope & Dog Horoscope

January 18, 2013

Do you fancy getting to know what lies ahead? Well, who wouldn’t be? Predicting the future through oracle or tarot and palm reading services had always been prominent to a plethora of people. On another note, have you ever thought about predicting the future of your pets? Cat horoscope and dog horoscope services have definitely become available nowadays. Given that pets don’t really have palms to read through, the process is rather complex. To learn more about pet horoscopes, read on.

Know Your Pets Better With Pets Astrology

January 18, 2013

Most people are familiar with astrology or horoscope but only the one applicable to people. In truth, there’s also the so-called pets astrology that is being offered for all pet owners out there. It’s quite surprising and interesting right? So, if you are a pet lover, why should you avail this kind of astrological forecast for your pet? Would it provide something worthwhile? These questions are naturally the concerns of people who are interested in pets’ astrology.

Even before you acquire a pet, it would be great to have some insight about its characteristics, behavior patterns, and some general idea on what to expect. Such information would truly be helpful for any pet owner, particularly for first-time owners, because it would provide some useful data that would be valuable in taking care of one’s pet.

For example, if you have a pet that is under the zodiac sign, Aries, you would know that an Aries pet is usually energetic but a loner, insistent and expressive, with an aggressive overall personality, among others. Or, if you have a pet born under Virgo, you can expect that it will feature these characteristics: naturally clean, neat and orderly; intelligent, as well as,conniving; a fussy eater; versatile in its interests; etc.

As you can see, such information will ensure that you understand your pets’ needs and silliness so that you can provide the kind of environment, attention, and care that it may require. Likewise, if you are looking to buy a pet, a pets’ astrology service would assist you in getting the right companion that you truly want. For example, if you want a neat and intelligent pet, you may want to have a Virgo pet or maybe a Capricorn pet if you prefer an intelligent, reclusive, and usually healthy pet. Check out the pets astrology now and understand your pets’ peculiarities and behavior better.

Why You Should Know Your Dog & Cat Horoscope

January 18, 2013

You have all heard of horoscopes, right? Humans seek horoscopes to foretell certain events in their life. Well, horoscopes are not just for humans. Just as in humans your dog and cat horoscope compares with the month in which the pet was born and this can have an impact on the pet’s life. Most people care and show affection for their pets since they are considered part of the family hence it is not a strange phenomena anymore to find a pet owner trying to understand their pet ‘personalities.’

Pet owners would love to know why their animals change behavior suddenly from idiosyncrasies, serene, outgoing, chatty and so forth. They always want to know how to anticipate the pet’s moods hence the use of dog and cat horoscopes. If your pet develops a certain bad habit, you would be able to know how the pet is affected by astrology at the moment.

The twelve signs of the zodiac apply to pets too with each having different meaning i.e. a dog zodiac and what it means;

  • Aries-leader
  • Taurus-strong and silent
  • Gemini- yapper
  • Cancer-home-lover
  • Leo-boss dog
  • Virgo-helper
  • Libra-shop steward
  • Scorpio-paragon
  • Sagittarius-problematic pet
  •  Capricorn-social climber
  •  Aquarius-friend
  •  Pisces-interpreter

This signs may change depending on the particular animal i.e. a dog and cat horoscope is different from a birds’. It is advisable to get an in-depth reading into your pet’s horoscope and if you face any difficulties, there are pet astrologers all over. It has however become difficult for pet owners that do not know the date that their pet was born to determine on which zodiac sigh they should place their pet.

This field of study can be backed up by subatomic and quantum physics in relation to interconnectedness of nature i.e. morphogenic field. All subatomic elements that make up matter remain connected no matter the distance between them and also survive organic death.

Pet astrology can help you understand your dog in a fun way

November 30, 2012

For thousands of years people have used astrology to understand ocean tides, pregnancy, crops and personal moods; but did you ever realize that the same astrology can be used to help you understand why your dog behaves the way he does? There are many astrology websites that provide this service, helping people understand how they can easily take care of their dog’s attitude with the zodiac signs. These websites also provide postcards with horoscope information and adorable Dog images for your convenience and quick access. These Dog images on postcards come in different color, designs, and presentation. So what other benefits can you derive from pet astrology?

Dog Images

Generally, pet astrology is divided into two major sections that make it easy for you to get to understand the zodiac signs and horoscope of your dog. One section seeks to describe your dog or cat in terms of health tendencies, behavior and personality characteristics. This is clearly illustrated based on each pet’s horoscope sign. By providing the date of birth, astrologers will be able to provide information on your dog’s personality, why it behaves the way it does and certain measures you can take to combat the problems. There are also books with dog images and pictorial illustrations you can read and learn. Dog images especially on postcards are adoring and beautiful to look at.

The other section of pet astrology seeks to help you understand the basic compatibility analysis between you and your dog. This type of investigation is carried out to determine the energy and emotional levels between you and your dog, cat or other pets. Just like humans, dogs too have a soul, and understanding how astrology affects their inner personality can help you have a better relationship with your dog or any other pets.

Pet astrology is a fun way to learn and understand what horoscope connections you and your dog or cat have in common, especially when Dog images are used in any ways. This is made more exciting when you purchase pet astrology postcards with beautiful dog images. If you know the date of birth of a friend’s or family dog, you can buy postcards and send it to them as a gift. Postcards with Dog images are not something anyone will ignore. They will love you for helping them understand their dog in a new and exciting way.

Pet Astrology: Key in Understanding Pets

November 30, 2012

Often, humans wonder why their pet’s behavior is not the same as another’s, even if they’re both of the same species and breeds, or why a kitten is quirky when another one is not. Such mysteries can be solved by their birth date and the use of Astrology. Astrology, often thought to be exclusively for humans, can also be applied to pets and can be one of the reasons for their behavior.

Cat Images

Knowing your pet’s Astrology sign will invariably help you progress in understanding their behavior and what makes them tick, allowing you to easily raise them and care for them.

This could also be a good guide for pet owners who want to know how their pets’ personality will develop and what to expect from newly acquired pets based on their sign.

Two of the most popular books for Pet Astrology, Your Dog’s Lifetime Horoscope and Your Cat’s Liftime Horoscope, both authored by Linda Goodcat, provides an entertaining yet informative insights on the behavioral patterns your pets will most likely have depending on their sign, all delivered in a light-hearted and humurous way, which just keeps you hooked and at the same time informed.

The books have dog and cat images for each of their zodiac sign, illustrated cheerfully and in vivid colors. Not only that, the books also have 12 Astrological Birth Certificates according to their Zodiac Sign, calculated tables to make the choice of their names easier and the best time to take them out for walks.

As a pet owner, knowing this facet of their behavior will be instrumental in getting to know and understand them better. If you wish to know about their Zodiac Sign and their corresponding behaviors, a lot of information is spread all throughout the web and other media like the books stated above.

Pets Greeting Cards

November 30, 2012

Your beloved pet, such as your cat or dog, can be not only your best friend, but also your lifetime companion. There is no way you can repay them for the unconditional love and warmth they give you. Who else but your pet goes out of their way to greet you when you come home to shower you with affection?

Pets Greeting Cards

Understanding your pet can be a life long process. However, each day gives you more insight. Yet, there are additional ways to get to know your pet, such as through pet astrology. Bonding is critical to connecting with your pet as soon as you get them. You can get even better acquainted when you understand their unique behaviors based on their astrological signs.

You may have loved ones with pets as well. Help them get more attached to their pet by sending them pets greeting cards. There are a fun way to send your love, not only because they have adorable pets, but because they include pet astrology as well.

As a pet owner, you know that every pet has its own personality. Sometimes you may not know how to communicate with your pet. However, through pet astrology, you may be able to overcome any barriers to communication you currently have.

Sending pets greeting cards can be a fun way to send your love to friends and family throughout the year. Pet lovers will appreciate the thoughtful way you have paid attention to detail in thinking of not only them, but their pet as well.

Every pet deserves to be loved. You know how they return that love tenfold. There is nothing that can compare to the companionship you get from a pet. Some even prefer their pets to other people. Whatever your situation, pets greeting cards can show how much you love yours.

Pets Gifts & Horoscopes

November 30, 2012

The term “horoscope” is not new to most persons. Meanwhile, many have not heard of pet horoscopes. Astrologers believe that the position of heavenly bodies have a great impact on human and animal behavior. So, it is a common belief that the position of planets and stars have huge impacts on the lives of animals. This is why postcards that contains pets horoscopes are regarded as pets gift.

Pets Gift

Some persons believe that knowing their pet’s horoscope would make it easier for them to understand and train their pet. Actually, to determine the sign of your pet, you must know its date of birth. Pet horoscopes are grouped in two namely; the cat sun sign and the dog sun sign.

Pet horoscopes are more like predictions and advice. It helps you to understand the characteristics of your pet and how the position of planets and stars affects its happiness and overall well-being. Zodiac signs are grouped based on the date or month your pet was born. Below are Dog Sun signs;

- Aries (March21 – April 20)
– Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
– Gemini (May21 – June 21)
– Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
– Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)
– Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
– Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)
– Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)
– Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
– Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Each sign explains the pet’s characteristics and how it will continue to behave in the future.
So, if you have a dog as pet, knowing your dog’s sign would help you to understand it better and improve your relationship with it. You must also try to read weekly horoscopes to learn why your pets behave the way they do.

Pet horoscopes are very important. You can buy postcards with astrology signs as pets gift. There are several websites that lists horoscopes for pets every week. Like humans, pets show certain characteristics that can sometime be hard to understand. However, when you read your pet’s horoscope every week, certain behaviors would not be new to you.

Things You Should Know About Dog Horoscope

November 30, 2012

If you yourself are well aware of how zodiac signs influence a person’s nature then you can apply the similar for your furry friends too. Dogs are highly influenced by the characteristics in their horoscope.

Dog Horoscope

So how exactly does the horoscope influence your dog’s nature?

As a dog owner you must be well aware that the dog’s happiness is dependent on a number of things like love, affection, food, and shelter. So here is adding one more vital factor to this list and that is their horoscope. Dogs are well connected to the universe and they very well handle whatever nature bestows on them but as an owner you need to be well aware of what your dog needs in terms of food, shelter, love and attention.

So here’s a horoscope analysis for your dog based on the date of birth or day or a month you broght your dog home.

ARIES (March 21- April 20) Aries dogs are usually full of vitality. They love focus, stroking and hugging and are never timid. It might be really hard to help match your hyperactive pet born under this zodiac.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) Dogs of this zodiac are quiet and passive and are the easiest to coach. Nevertheless, if they’ve been provoked in to fighting you have to be careful.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Gemini dogs are curious, helpful and loaded with enthusiasm. Dogs born under this zodiac are usually very noisy and bark a lot too often. They may hate being alone so go and get a pal for these happy creatures if possible.

CANCER (June 22 to July 22)
These dogs are very sensitive creatures and hate to be troubled. They typically do not appreciate loud sound or cheering. They are easily annoyed by the others and live happily within a peaceful and calm environment.

LEO (July 23 to Aug 22) Your Leo dogs like a King or Queen of your house. They move around with Regal Grace. They love having a good time playing around and will wander as far as you will let them. They’re born leaders and may quickly have a bunch of friends following them.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Virgo dogs are excellent friends. They have an active sixth sense which allows them understand whenever you are in a bad mood or physical state. These dogs try their best to comfort you and put you at ease.

LIBRA (Sep 23- Oct 22)
Libra dogs are relaxed and enjoy lots of focus. Like this sign that symbolizes the scales of justice, their attention is focused upon all present within the family.

SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21) Scorpio dogs are exceptionally devoted. Kindness shown to these animals at an earlier age will definitely return.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Sagittarius dogs are the most entertaining pets around and they are always prepared to please. They love playing outside, so make sure you have plenty of space for them to wander around.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – January 19) Capricorn dogs never grow old by their minds even when they are into their old age. They play happily for endless hours and have an outstanding stamina.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20- February 18)
They are the most comical creatures around. These dogs are very loving and gentle with kids and may bark or meow merely to listen to their own sound.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
Piscean dogs are the tender, peace loving pets that hate barking and fighting. They put themselves safely at your side and will be very delicate to your feelings if you are distressed and unwell.

There are plenty of dog enthusiasts who think that checking the dog’s horoscope will make it a lot easier to train the dog. Because of this, it is important to analyze the date of birth of your puppy before you possess it.

Cat Horoscope

November 30, 2012

Whether you are still planning to own a cat or you already have one with you, it will be very helpful if you understand how your cat behaves. You may opt to consider the gender or the breed of your cat; but there’s another fun and effective way to do so and that is no other than but through cat horoscope. Without so many introductions, the details below will provide you relevant information about your cat horoscope. Just make sure that you know your cat’s birth date so you know which among the following zodiac signs your pet belong.

Cat Horoscope

Aries cats (March 21 – April 18) are very energetic and always willing to play with their owners. They love attention and they are never shy. They are short tempered and easily embarrassed. They are often disobedient but you can treat this behavior by rewarding your cat a reward each time he follows you.

Taurus cats (April 21 – May 20) are the opposite of Aries cats. They are very passive and most of the time in silence. They are shy and cautious when meeting new people. They also prefer sleeping than playing and they love to eat a lot which is definitely not a healthy lifestyle. Be watchful of overfeeding your pet cat.

Gemini cats (May 21 – June 20) like to play a lot. They are also one of those which can be easily trained and they learn very fast. Gemini cats are often curious about their surroundings so never leave your door open. They are very friendly with their fellow animals and with other people. Keep in mind that they hate being alone.

Cancer cats (June 21 – July 21) are the sensitive type and easily upset. They don’t like too much noise and easily irritated by other animals. They are very possessive not just with their food and toys but also with your attention.

Leo cats (July 22 – August 21) are born to become leaders. You can observe their leadership characteristics once they are with other cats. Leo cats are the most preferable pet cat for children as they are very friendly and hurting fellows is absolutely not their nature.

Virgo cats (August 22 – September 21) are great companions. They have the best ability to sense when you’re sad or sick and they are always willing to comfort you. They are shy and prefer to just play with you or all alone by themselves. They are quite choosy when it comes to their food so stick with your pet’s favorite.

Libra cats (September 21 – October 21) love not just their owner’s affection but almost all other of your companions in the house. In return, Libra cats equally divide their attention to other people they recognize as part of your family. Libra cats are not picky eaters so you will never have a hard time feeding these type of cats.

Scorpio cats (October 21 – November 21) are very loyal. They can be very kind to you if you treat them right, but they can be very protective of themselves once you mistreated them. Other animals find Scorpio cats as extremely intimidating, so most other animals don’t like the idea of befriending with these cats.

Sagittarius cats (November 21 – December 21) are being admired by their fellow for they are very fun to befriend with. They are very loving with their owners too and they always love to express their affection. They tend to be forgetful with their habits which make them quite difficult to train.

Capricorn cats (December 22 – January 1) have endless endurance. You can still see them playing even at their old age and they tend to feel like they are forever young. They can also be one of the best playmates for children. These cats are very loyal not just with you but with other people they recognize.

Aquarius cats (January 22 – February 19) are extremely intelligent. They are very gentle and loving too. When training them, it’s very essential to keep them in a good mood as they can be easily upset if they are pushed to make such thing and tend to never obey you at all.

Pisces cats (February 19 – March 21) are the most peaceful of all. They hate quarrels, so they always refrain from fighting. They are the type of cats which are not that adventurous and curious about their surroundings, so they can be a perfect pet if you live in a small space. Avoid being angry as Pisces cats can feel it.

Hopefully, you had fun reading your cat’s behaviors according to this cat horoscope guide. Meanwhile, you should also keep in your mind all the things that you should and shouldn’t do with your pet cat.

Ready for Holiday Season? Linda created postcards for you!

September 27, 2012

The KoZmoPets™ Astrological Series created by Linda Goodcat, consists of books, greeting cards, posters, calendars, that all portray the same lovable and charming, cat and dog illustrations.

Purrfect Partners

September 27, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered why you choose your pet, it may be that you were destined to meet. Linda Goodcat, founder of tells these PMUers what kind of relationship theu can expect with their furry friends…

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The Pets Horoscopes books help you find new ways to relate to your dog or cat as you unlock the door to your pet’s true personality. They are receiving rave reviews. Here are just a few things people are saying.


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