You have all heard of horoscopes, right? Humans seek horoscopes to foretell certain events in their life. Well, horoscopes are not just for humans. Just as in humans your dog and cat horoscope compares with the month in which the pet was born and this can have an impact on the pet’s life. Most people care and show affection for their pets since they are considered part of the family hence it is not a strange phenomena anymore to find a pet owner trying to understand their pet ‘personalities.’

Pet owners would love to know why their animals change behavior suddenly from idiosyncrasies, serene, outgoing, chatty and so forth. They always want to know how to anticipate the pet’s moods hence the use of dog and cat horoscopes. If your pet develops a certain bad habit, you would be able to know how the pet is affected by astrology at the moment.

The twelve signs of the zodiac apply to pets too with each having different meaning i.e. a dog zodiac and what it means;

  • Aries-leader
  • Taurus-strong and silent
  • Gemini- yapper
  • Cancer-home-lover
  • Leo-boss dog
  • Virgo-helper
  • Libra-shop steward
  • Scorpio-paragon
  • Sagittarius-problematic pet
  •  Capricorn-social climber
  •  Aquarius-friend
  •  Pisces-interpreter

This signs may change depending on the particular animal i.e. a dog and cat horoscope is different from a birds’. It is advisable to get an in-depth reading into your pet’s horoscope and if you face any difficulties, there are pet astrologers all over. It has however become difficult for pet owners that do not know the date that their pet was born to determine on which zodiac sigh they should place their pet.

This field of study can be backed up by subatomic and quantum physics in relation to interconnectedness of nature i.e. morphogenic field. All subatomic elements that make up matter remain connected no matter the distance between them and also survive organic death.

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